Gopaldhara (RTE-08) Everest Orchid Burgundy Muscatel Second Flush 2024 – Royal Series

Invoice No.RTE-08/24
ClassificationRare Black Tea (Royal Series)
Grade NameFTGFOP1 Wonder Gold
Elevation5500-7000 Ft
SeasonSecond Flush Mostly. Mostly Made during June
Cultivar VarietyP312
Sorting StyleMachine Sorted
Leaf Appearance DescriptionBrownish with lots of golden tips
Infusion DescriptionCoppery Infusion
Cup Colour DescriptionRed
Tea Drinking Experience (Mostly Flavour and Aroma)Honey-sweet & very well-rounded muscatel finish with the notes of ripe fruits, almost like red wine

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MRP: USD 6.20
MRP: USD 11.62
MRP: USD 7.23
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