Gopaldhara Hand Rolled Spring Beauty – First Flush 2023 – Master Series

Invoice No.Single Invoices. RTE-05/23
ClassificationOolong Tea (Master Series)
Grade NameFTGFOP1 Clonal AV2
Elevation5500 – 7000 Ft.
SeasonPost First Flush. Mostly Made during March
Cultivar VarietyAV2
Sorting StyleHand Sorted
Leaf Appearance DescriptionBright Green having a tinge of golden buds
Infusion DescriptionFresh & Greenish whole leaves
Cup Colour DescriptionBright Yellow
Tea Drinking Experience (Mostly Flavour and Aroma)Refined fruity flavor topped off with a finish of honey

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MRP: USD 32.51
MRP: USD 10.18
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