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We have tried to develop a wholesale B2B Model. It is in its infancy but it a working module. It will currently allow you to browse the teas in detail and provide

All these will be fact based without any stories. Making good tea is a lot of hard work which itself needs to be acknowledged without posting any falsehood information or cooking up stories.

The Tea Market is growing and changing rapidly because of the increase in the disposal income of different countries thereby increasing demand for better tea in general and more awareness on the superior flavor and taste aspects of Tea in general. The awareness on health benefits has also brought in a large number of new consumers. Spread of knowledge by social media communication and presence of huge number of online companies, tea bloggers, review sites have amplified the changes by making the consumer aware of a huge variety of teas which they would have only seen if they would have visited a developed tea drinking country like Japan, Taiwan, Canada, US, UK or countries in the European Union. The Tea Market is changing rapidly and this we know because we have seen a huge increase in our online sales and also because we supply to a lot of tea brands, tea packaging companies, retail tea shops, retail tea chains, online companies, both within India and Internationally.

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