Rohini (RTE-70) – Silver Tips Oolong – Bug Bitten Second Flush Tea 2024 – Classic Series

Invoice No.Single Invoice. ROH EX 70/2024
ClassificationOolong Tea (Classic Series)
Grade NameFTGFOP1 Moonlight
ElevationTea has been grown: 3000-3500 FT
SeasonEarly Second Flush. Mostly Made during May
Cultivar VarietyAV2 bushes
Sorting StyleHand Sorted
Leaf Appearance DescriptionGreenish brownish
Infusion DescriptionGreenish brownish
Cup Colour DescriptionBright amber
Tea Drinking Experience (Mostly Flavour and Aroma)Very smooth and mouthful with prominent fruity flavour. Exceptionally sweet fruity aroma.

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