Gopaldhara Blooming Peony Rosette – Darjeeling Handcrafted Flower Tea 2022

Invoice No.Single Invoice. EX-51/22
ClassificationHand Crafted Blooming Tea
Perceived OxidationNatural
Grade NameBlooming Peony Rosette
ElevationTea has been grown: 3500 to 7000 FT
Cultivar VarietyMixed Bushes
Leaf Appearance DescriptionLooks like a Rosette
Infusion DescriptionMixed Greenish mostly with mixed colours
Cup Colour DescriptionLight yellowish cup with Orange tinge
Tea Drinking Experience (Mostly Flavour and Aroma)A very rich cup with prominent honey sweetness with the clearest texture you can get. You can brew the tea multiple times and you get a range of flavours from wild flowers to vanilla to sweet malt at various stages

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MRP: USD 9.37
MRP: USD 10.21
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