Gopaldhara Muscatel Black Tea 2022 – Classic Series

Invoice No.Single Invoices. EX-43/22
ClassificationBlack Tea (Royal Series) – Rare Muscatel Gold
Perceived OxidationFull
Grade NameFTGFOP1 Muscatel
Elevation4500 to 5000 FT
SeasonSecond Flush / 30th July
Cultivar VarietyOld Chinary Bushes
Sorting StyleWhole leaf / Hand Sorted
Leaf Appearance DescriptionBlackish well rolled leaf with Few Tips
Infusion DescriptionBright Coppery Appearance
Cup Colour DescriptionReddish Tone
Tea Drinking Experience (Mostly Flavour and Aroma)A very rich wello rounded cup with Muscatel notes. Very woody and deep with excellent aroma and good pleasing astringency.
Available Quantity40 Kgs
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