Rohini (RTE-14) Darjeeling Bai MuDan White Peony – First Flush White Tea 2023- Master Series

Invoice No.RTE-14/23
ClassificationWhite Tea (master Series)
Grade NameFTGFOP1 Rare Bai Mudan
ElevationTea has been grown: 2000 - 3500 FT
SeasonEarly First Flush made during March
Cultivar VarietyAV2
Leaf Appearance DescriptionBright green, consisting of a single or two leaves and a bud
Infusion DescriptionBright green and clean infusion
Cup Colour DescriptionPale yellow-green
Tea Drinking Experience (Mostly Flavour and Aroma)Smooth, creamy and fruity texture with a hint of honey and wildflower notes

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